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Age Based Classrooms

We have age based classrooms and activities for your child. There are four classrooms in the center. Each classroom is divided into smaller groups of children to better meet individual needs and development. All groups are headed by a trained head teacher who is assisted by aides. Daily schedules feature a balance of structured and unstructured activities which are carefully planned to provide a happy, healthy environment for children which fosters development of the whole child.

The goal of the infant room at New Life Day Care Center is to encourage growth and development, and at the same time provide a warm relaxed, and family oriented atmosphere. For most children and parents this will be their first experience with alternative child care. The staff endeavors to make it a happy, safe and comforting one. Personal interaction between the staff and the child is very important for inducing stimulation. 

Daily activities are designed to accommodate our infants, walkers and crawlers. The staff will provide a flexible schedule that includes the above mentioned activities and many more to meet the needs of each individual child.

The Toddler (age 12 to 36 months) is at a very important period of development. This transition from infancy to being a pre-schooler is a time when the child’s rate of learning, and level of activity, is very high; physical skills are rapidly developing. Toddlers are endlessly exploring and their verbal knowledge and usage increases constantly. Their social-emotional developmental needs are also quite strong: the want of independence, strong possessiveness and occasional resistance need freedom of expression, in addition to a gentle guidance from adults.

Because the toddler explores the world with his or her senses, activities which stimulate awareness, involvement and response will be used at all times. Such activities are beneficial because they give immediate enjoyment, provide the opportunity for interaction among peers and staff, and also help to develop a positive attitude toward learning.

The pre-school program at New Life Day Care is designed to encourage and stimulate development in four essential areas of growth: social, emotional, intellectual and physical. Daily activities are scheduled to provide a balance of structured and open times which help prepare the children for the future school experience.

The preschoolers are encouraged to participate in large and small group activities. They develop their abilities to relate to adults and their peers. They learn concepts concerning sharing, taking turns, cooperation, helping others and non-aggressive methods of dealing with anger and frustration.

The development of a healthy self-image is very important. Special attention is given towards helping each child maintain a positive outlook about him or herself. The staff provides support, encouragement and loving care while assisting the children to become independent individuals, who feel good about themselves.

Why Choose New Life Daycare?

  • Same location for over 40 years
  • NYS licensed
  • Age based classrooms
  • Indoor (air-conditioned) gym & outdoor play yard
  • Flexible schedules to fit your needs
  • No charges on holidays or when we are closed
  • No penalties for changing your hours or days of the week
  • Hot, well balanced meals prepared on site
  • Nurse on staff/able to administer medications
  • Reliable childcare
  • Affordable rates
  • Discounts for multiple children
  • Before and after school care for school aged children
  • Transfer directly from pre-k into our kindergarten program

What Our Families are Saying

Thirty years ago my children attended New Life Day Care Center. Now my grandchildren attend New Life Day Care because we always knew that the care there was exemplary and helped them grow both educationally and spiritually in a family type environment.


As an Erie County Legislator, I am proud that New Life Day Care Center is in my district. As a grandfather, I am grateful that New Life Day Care took such good care of my granddaughter.


I would recommend New Life Day Care Center to anyone who wants a safe, clean and quality environment for their children. I have been in and out of the center for 20 years and brought my children there.


My son Joey has been at New Life since 2 years of age in the day care center. He is now in first grade and a year ahead of pubic school children. I am a firm believer in private school education and am very happy with all aspects of New Life Center. I highly recommend this school and day care center to anyone looking toward private education for their child.