About Us

Find out what makes New Life Day Care the most reliable child care facility in Tonawanda, New York!


When you trust your children to the caring child care team at New Life Day Care, you can feel comfortable knowing that your little ones are in good hands. With 40 years in the same location, the residents of Tonawanda, Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas have come to rely on us for the very best in day care services, whenever they are needed.

Philosophy & Mission

We group our day care kids by age, from toddlers to Pre-K, so they’ll be more comfortable relating to their playmates; they’ll also be provided with toys and activities geared to their level of interest and attention. Our clean and modern New Life Day Care facility features an indoor gym to keep busy bodies active, and an outdoor play yard for fresh air activities when weather conditions permit.

Freshly Prepared Meals & Nurse On Staff

If your little ones are with us during mealtime, we’ll provide nutritious and delicious food choices along with healthy beverages to keep them happy and going strong. We also have a qualified nurse on site to ensure your children’s safety and keep a close eye on their health conditions. In short – New Life takes care of everything; when your children stay with us, we treat them like they were our own.

What We Offer


We have age based classrooms and activities for your child. Each classroom is divided into smaller groups of children to better meet individual needs and development. Daily schedules feature a balance of structured and unstructured activities which are carefully planned to provide a happy, healthy environment for children which fosters development of the whole child.


Daily activities are designed to accommodate our infants, walkers and crawlers. The staff will provide a flexible schedule that includes activities to meet the needs of each individual child.
Waddler & Toddler
An abundance of manipulatives (puzzles, beads, lacing cards, etc.) the gym and a large fenced play area provide ample opportunity for development of your child’s fine and gross motor skills.

Music, movement, and art activities provide an outlet for the freedom of expression and spontaneous creativity which lies within each child. Books and song enrich your toddlers learning.

Ages 3-4
The children participate in planned activities designed to help them develop the skills necessary for future learning. The alphabet, number, color, shape and letter recognition, counting, hand-eye coordination activities (beads, pegboards, puzzles), pre-writing activities, listening skills, following directions, arts and crafts activities (painting, drawing, pasting) are all presented in an appealing, fun manner, utilizing a variety of methods and materials.


New Life Day Care offers working parents comprehensive developmental preschool programming in a convenient, modern facility staffed by specialists in pre-kindergarten education. Reliable childcare at affordable prices!

What Our Families are Saying

Thirty years ago my children attended New Life Day Care Center. Now my grandchildren attend New Life Day Care because we always knew that the care there was exemplary and helped them grow both educationally and spiritually in a family type environment.


As an Erie County Legislator, I am proud that New Life Day Care Center is in my district. As a grandfather, I am grateful that New Life Day Care took such good care of my granddaughter.


I would recommend New Life Day Care Center to anyone who wants a safe, clean and quality environment for their children. I have been in and out of the center for 20 years and brought my children there.


My son Joey has been at New Life since 2 years of age in the day care center. He is now in first grade and a year ahead of pubic school children. I am a firm believer in private school education and am very happy with all aspects of New Life Center. I highly recommend this school and day care center to anyone looking toward private education for their child.